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Replacing sugar with sorbitol or other types of sugar alcohols can help drastically improve the quality of your teeth, preventing and improving conditions like tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis), plaque build up, and cavity growth.

Made in France.

Ingredients: Sorbitol

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Sorbitol is characterized as a sugar alcohol, which is essentially just a poorly digestible carbohydrate that is either naturally found in fruits or is semi-artificially produced and added as a low calorie sweetener alternative to a variety of pre-packaged foods and drinks. At a chemical level, sorbitol is fairly similar to fructose and mannitol, but has different effects when consumed.

Sorbitol also may be referred to in ingredient lists as sorbit or glucitol.

Sorbitol has been approved by the FDA, contains about a third of the calories of table sugar, and is about 60% as sweet.

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