Is Ketosis Safe?

Ketosis is running your body on fat fuel, not only the dietary fat, but more importantly your own fat reserve compared to the regular way of running your body on sugar. Sugar sets you up for high insulin and out of all the illnesses or diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney problems, cancer, stroke and many more, insulin is the common denominator and not ketones. There’s no bad thing about running your body on ketones which is the best fuel for the brain. Ketosis is much cleaner and stable fuel compared to highs and lows of the blood sugar.

They use ketosis in a lot of health problems like epileptic seizures especially for kids because the brain chills out when you feed it ketones. In fact, all the people that go into ketosis experience better thinking, concentration and focus, especially long-term.

It is a myth that ketosis is dangerous because it creates a ketogenic acidosis

which is a condition where your pH is becoming more acidic. In fact, keto-acidosis can happen when the person is a diabetic type 1 where they have no more insulin to regulate that, that’s a whole different condition to when doing a keto diet healthily.

Another myth is that ketosis can make you lose muscles. In fact, when doing keto and intermittent fasting you’ll be increasing the hormone responsible of preserving muscle mass which is growth hormone, compared to when running on sugar which spikes insulin and lowers growth hormone. Take a look at a diabetic or pre-diabetic, they are losing muscle tissues especially type 1 diabetics. So we must keep insulin low.

You might hear that a ketogenic diet could set you up to nutritional deficiencies. They are in fact referring to an unhealthy version of keto where they don’t consume enough vegetables. But when combining vegetables to keto it becomes the healthiest diet because you’ll be providing the body with all the nutrients from vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids compared to when they run on sugar, they deplete their minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium..) and vitamins. When you have insulin resistance you can’t pull in enough nutrients anymore and keto is about healing insulin resistance.

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